Salman Khan breaks Silence on 'Salman Marriage' Rumours

Salman Khan breaks Silence on 'Salman Marriage' Rumours

Recently Salman Khan released his upcoming Movie SULTAN trailer. Salman Khan will finish 27 years in Bollywood this year and the performer himself thinks that its difficult to trust how far he has come.  “Pata bhi nahin chala 27 saal kaise nikal gaye (I didn’t even realise how 27 years went by). I am very happy with the way things have panned out. I never thought I will get this far. I didn’t know where my life would go. But, touchwood, everything has gone well. I have no complaints,”  Salman says.

As he gets ready for the arrival of his new film, Yash Raj Films' Sultan, he discusses his excursion in this way, the movies he has done, bits of gossip about his marriage with claimed girlfriend, Iulia Vantur, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Your own life constantly has a tendency to be in the news.

Since the media doesn't have whatever else to expound on, they concentrate on my own life.

There’s a lot of curiosity about your marriage. Is it happening?
If I want to talk to my fans about my marriage, I have got my own platform to do that. I have Twitter and Facebook. It wouldn’t be fair for me to speak about this (his marriage) to a particular channel or newspaper, and not to others. Whenever it has to happen, the news will come directly from me.
So, there’s no marriage on the cards right now?
No marriage is happening. At least, it’s not in my head so far.

The theory about your marriage began when you went to Preity Zinta's gathering with Iulia.

Yes, we did go to that party, but am I not allowed to go anywhere with anybody? So, if I am seen outside with any woman, will I be married off to her? One has to understand one’s responsibility towards a woman. The media keeps saying, “Salman will get married on this date or that date.” But when it (marriage) doesn’t happen, it’s only the girl who suffers. Aise bolke aapne uski izzat ki dhajjiyan hi udaa di (you have stripped her of all her respect).
They (the media) have dishonoured a woman regardless of whether she is an Indian or a foreigner. In such cases, the media gives hope to the woman and puts pressure on me. And this is not good; I also look like an insensitive person, who is not interested in getting married.

Do these perceptions ever bother you? 

Not at all. People who make my films work are more important for me. Some of them will like my work and others won’t. Some will like me [in a movie] and others won’t. You just need to work hard enough to get those who don’t like you to start liking you.

Why did you do Sultan when you knew it would be a painful process? 

I thought I will be able to bear the pain, and I did. Also, I felt it would help me become fitter. But wrestling is a difficult sport. We did mixed martial arts (MMA) as well. The fighting is all real [in the film]. So, I got hurt too. I fought with real MMA fighters. Whenever they used to get an opportunity [during shots], they used to hit me, as if we were really competing (laughs).

Do you identify with your character in your next film? 

It is the story of an underdog. The film revolves around my character’s struggle. That’s the best format. For example, most of the kids who qualify for the Olympics are usually poor, they lack nourishment, food and proper equipment. Still, they get that far after making it through school, college, state and national level competitions. Look at their dedication and love for the sport; it is commendable.

At this stage of your career, you can do any film. What makes you pick up such challenging roles?

You have to. Even when it comes to my personal choice, I want my hero to look good, and do his best. I want to see how hard he has worked. The harder he works, the more the audience will enjoy [the film]. You need to work hard so that when your fans watch your film, you bring a smile to their faces, and, maybe, even inspire some.

They (makers of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees) must have their own reasons [for moving the release date]. Maybe they aren’t ready with the film; maybe it isn’t an Eid kind of film. Anyway, two big films can’t release on the same day. So, Adi (Aditya Chopra; producer of his next) worked out the dates with them. I wasn’t even in the picture.

Quit journalism 

While some reports suggest that I will get married on my birthday (December 27), some others say it will happen in October. All those reporters who are writing this stuff should just quit journalism if it (the marriage) doesn’t happen, because all these stories are false. These reports are meant to fool people. I haven’t said anything about it (my marriage). I am getting married only in their minds.

Source: HindustanTimes


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