Salman Khan Marriage News: Why Salman Khan and Lulia are made for each Other?

Here are some reasons why Salman and Lulia Made for each Other 

On the off chance that there is one lady who impractically governs Salman Khan's heart today, it is Lulia Vantur. While the hotshot is yet authoritatively to report his association with the Romanian magnificence, theories are overflowing that the pair will get married before the current year's over. We investigate five reasons why Lulia and Salman are ideal for each other. She is not another starry-looked at on-screen character: Lulia Vantur is not another Bollywood starlet set to incorporate herself in Salman's camp to get the saw in showbiz. Talk has it that Lulia met Salman when she was holidaying in India. In spite of being a performing artist and TV grapple in Romania, Lulia's exclusive celluloid excursion till date in Bollywood remains a thing number "Ummbakkum" in O Teri, coordinated by Salman's brother by marriage Atul Agnihotri. (Photographs: Salman Khan – Lulia Vantur: Five reasons why there made for each other)

She doesn't appear to have any Bollywood goals: Unlike different on-screen characters who encompass Salman planning to get dispatched by him, Iulia hasn't precisely demonstrated any Bollywood earnings, up to this point. It is advocated to say her purpose behind being with Salman is cherished. Both are knowledgeable about matters of the heart: While Salman's affection stories are incredible, Iulia too has had her offer of connections. She was clearly before wedded to artist Marius Moga.

The pair appears to have comparative interests: Salman adores cultivating, and horse riding thus does Iulia. The on-screen character stays a show called Ferma for a Romanian channel, and Salman has Bigg Boss. What's more, as far steeds go, the excellence is frequently seen riding them at ranch houses whose proprietor is not very hard to figure. Iulia and Salma Khan's holding: This one was the clincher. The day Iulia left the air terminal holding Salman's mom Salma Khan's hand, it got to be clear that she had won his mom's endorsement. Iulia has likewise been spotted eating with the Khan family in past and as of late was spotted leaving with Salman's sister Alvira in the wake of going to Preity Zinta's gathering.


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