Why Salman Khan marriage can't happen this year: Lulia reveals on instagram

Is Salman Khan Marriage happening this year?

Gossipy tidbits and Salman Khan's own life goes as one. While some late reports guaranteed that Salman Khan's supposed sweetheart Lulia Vantur was before hitched to Romanian star Marius Moga, neither Lulia nor Salman cared the slightest bit to any of these gossipy tidbits.

Nonetheless, this may have annoyed Lulia in light of the fact that interestingly she gave her bit of brain on these gossipy tidbits.

Rubbishing all the gossipy tidbits about her being hitched before and different bits of gossip about her and Salman getting hitched for the current year, Lulia took to Instagram to close every one of the haters! She composed:

“Dear friends, I didn't feel the need to react to any rumors... But now I think I should state clearly that I was never married and I am in no hurry to wear my wedding dress. God bless us all! (sic)"

We don't know whether it's only a negligible occurrence or something arranged that even Salman ended his hush interestingly on his marriage arranges. When he was gotten some information about his marriage at the pre-occasion for IIFA 2016, a maddened Salman Khan said:

"Why should I tell you about my marriage? I don't even know your name. I will tweet about it. Understand? I would keep my marriage thing between me and my fans."


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